How do we resource candidates? Over the last 20 years we have built up a network of experienced and skilled housing professionals. Many of our candidates come recommended by key people in the sector. We regularly advertise with the Guardian and industry specific publications/websites. Our knowledge of the sector assists us in making targeted approaches on behalf of clients, including the use of social media, such as LinkedIn

Who will be doing the recruitment? We work on a collective basis, so you will always be able to speak to someone who knows what’s happening. The directors handle all aspects of the recruitment process – from meeting client and taking briefs to sourcing and interviewing suitable applicants.

Will I just get CVs? No. We will also give you a short profile explaining why we’re recommending each candidate. Highlighting anything interesting/relevant from our face-to-face interview, or references received and based on their achievements.

I need something slightly different… Try us…we love a challenge. We’ve worked with a broad range of clients in our time, including: the UN, the Audit Commission, a global property company, local authorities, G15 Registered Providers and the smallest housing associations. Ranging from the recruitment of a Chief Executive in Glasgow, to a Strategic Income Manager in Kent, and an Energy Specialist in London.

I need to keep something confidential… Just ask! We are frequently contacted to undertake sensitive pieces of recruitment. We are well known and respected for our integrity and confidentiality, attracting candidates whilst maintaining your confidence.


How do I register? Send us your CV and a contact telephone number. Speak to a director who’ll give you an honest and open opinion regarding vacancies in the Housing sector and arrange an introductory meeting at a time to suit you.

What happens when I submit my CV for a role? We’ll promptly acknowledge receipt, keep you informed of progress and update you as soon as we hear from our client.

How do I find out about jobs? Call us – we have a very personal approach to discussing roles with candidates and pride ourselves on matching you to a suitable position.

Can I work through my Limited Company? Yes, subject to the approval of our client. We pay our consultants and contractors weekly or monthly on receipt of their invoice, ie you do not have to wait until we have been paid by the client. We can make your payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Call if you would like to discuss this.

Can I work through an Umbrella Company? Yes, subject to certain conditions, including the company being UK based. Call if you would like to discuss this.

As a Consultant, do I need Insurance? Yes. Anyone contracting with us through their own company needs to have appropriate insurance for the structure of the company.

Can I be paid weekly or monthly?  Yes. We offer both, and fortnightly!

Do I get Holiday Pay? Yes. We pay holiday in line with the Working Time Directive. Alternatively if you choose to work as a limited company, it is rolled into your rate.

How will the Agency Worker Regulations Act Oct 2010 affect me? This legislation gives additional rights to “Agency Workers”, in essence:

  • From Day 1 agency workers must have access to the same basic benefits and facilities as permanent workers, eg use of on-site facilities, such as staff restaurant, parking or creche, and to have access to details of vacancies which arise within the organisation.
  • After 12 Weeks agency workers will have the right to the same pay, holiday entitlement, and basic working conditions as an equivalent permanent employee.

In most cases the legislation applies to Limited Company Contractors who are under the client’s direction but paid by the agency. Those contractors who are in business on their own account (i.e. not supervised or directed by the client, and who have the right to send a replacement to do the work) are not within scope of the Regulations.

Read more at the ACAS website and GOV.uk site

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